Thursday, May 26, 2011

Move out help and Math notes.

Class gets nearer and nearer to finals. But also to Summer Break! (Not really a break considering I will also be in Summer School.)

But I was thinking I should share my beautiful notes with the world!

 On a side note, it's pretty damn hard to get these pics lined up in little rows of four. Frustrating too.

On another side note, I am enjoying a toasted chicken sandwich. My mouth and gums are all cut up on the inside. YUM. In the future I will only toast slightly.

And not too long ago I helped a friend move! It was fun and I was straight jelly because they had a whole house to themselves now. Pics to prove it happened:

 Again. REALLY hard to get these little bastards to line up.

 That picture top left is my beautiful hand. The next pic is Brandon. He is evil. Then next is the Uhaul truck.

<-- That's Vudell. One of my closest friends. She's awesome.

I guess thisworks.

BRENNAN                                                   GARAGE                                          VU&BIKE

I'm not entirely sure thats's how you spell B's name. But it'll hafta do.

This post is horribly mashed together because of the damn lil pictures and non of the captions line up but I kinda like it that way.


Dejch said...

nice notes :)

somethingsays said...

Sweet lookin' notes; hope you do well and finish strong!

Mush said...

Nice notes lol

aether45 said...

Yes, yes, and how do you solve these equations? I am particularly interested in the bite teeth mouthy one.

Anonymous said...

I really like those drawings, very creative.

Anonymous said...

wow like it especially the pen. i usually draw with a biro which doesnt work as good-

Thorfan said...

That's awesome that you actually helped move. I still feel like an awful friend for leaving my bud hanging.

Matt said...

Some of those drawings are pretty creepy, cool though, thanks for sharing.

Trelin said...

Yep, tasted sucks that way. Beware the bleeding gums!

Mercurio said...

those notes will make a good astronaut from you.

SeanExact said...

bikes are scary fun

venessa ortiz said...

love them notes, i put my bio notes online last semester. feel free to check 'em out on my facebook page. just look for the album titled "Notes?"

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