Thursday, May 26, 2011

Move out help and Math notes.

Class gets nearer and nearer to finals. But also to Summer Break! (Not really a break considering I will also be in Summer School.)

But I was thinking I should share my beautiful notes with the world!

 On a side note, it's pretty damn hard to get these pics lined up in little rows of four. Frustrating too.

On another side note, I am enjoying a toasted chicken sandwich. My mouth and gums are all cut up on the inside. YUM. In the future I will only toast slightly.

And not too long ago I helped a friend move! It was fun and I was straight jelly because they had a whole house to themselves now. Pics to prove it happened:

 Again. REALLY hard to get these little bastards to line up.

 That picture top left is my beautiful hand. The next pic is Brandon. He is evil. Then next is the Uhaul truck.

<-- That's Vudell. One of my closest friends. She's awesome.

I guess thisworks.

BRENNAN                                                   GARAGE                                          VU&BIKE

I'm not entirely sure thats's how you spell B's name. But it'll hafta do.

This post is horribly mashed together because of the damn lil pictures and non of the captions line up but I kinda like it that way.

Monday, May 23, 2011

L.A. Noire

It came in the mail today!

I had ordered L.A. Noire off of and I gotta admit it's the first game I have bought for my Playstation 3. So I am genuinely excited to play the game LAN after having a long day at school what with working on a school project and having a Calculus exam done. Playing LAN has been on the back of my mind since I saw it on my doorstep this morning.

My only iffy subject is that it was developed by Rockstar and I always figured them for a one trick pony seeing as how they were stuck in the GTA niche. But that isn't fair of me. I didn't give Red Dead Redemption a chance. I have been meaning to play it since I love cowboy stories. But what's cooler than cowboys?

I have seen the trailers for LAN and I gotta say they look good. I am all about the cinematic experience and L.A. Noire seems to want to deliver just that. I saw the acting of the characters and found out that they do those little dot things for 3-D recording and that got me real excited. As soon as I saw one little shoot of I DIDN'T DO IT and saw the man's face contort into an ugly look of guilt and shame I was sold.
To give you an example of how cinematic I like it. I'm the kind of guy who will make my character walk when I can run just because in that situation, that's what the guy would do. He would walk after an intense gun fight when finally given a moment of peace. Stuff like that.

Although, when it comes to games I'm a cheapass gamer. I say that with pride but it's a habit I must break. And relinquishing this title if CAG for a $60 game like L.A. Noire is something I am more than glad to do.

So here I go into Los Angeles to do detective stuff. With big expectations and tints of excitedness.


One change to this post: I downloaded a suit for registering with social club of this game. I find it funny that this downloaded suit will give me better accuracy with BAR gun and shotguns. Funny.
If I need a steady hand I better wear a different tie.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A year from now

Feelin' Down

   It's like Tyler Durden said (and I paraphrase), graduate high school, what now? Go to college and graduate, what now? Get a job. What now? Get married.

 We are stuck in this infinite loop. All of us. And we can only deviate only ever so slightly. When we first start out as kids we want to be a velociraptor when we grow up, then a dirt bike racer, then a doctor or a cop or a fireman, then a rock star, but then we all probably subconsciously realize that we aren't meant for greatness. So we settle for whatever we can get.

  I am doing nothing with my life. I mean, yeah sure, I'm going to college and whatnot but really isn't that what everybody is doing? It's just these loops that I'm jumping through to make my parents happy, to not deviate from the norm. Yeah, in the long run it'll benefit me and blah blah blah. But what do I have to live for really? I'm going to college to get a job that will support me until I die. By the time I'm done with college I feel as if my life will have already passed me by. I'm mediocre in school. I'm mediocre in life.

 I am going to be 20 and I still ask if it's ok with my folks to go out and grab a lunch with my girlfriend. I want to go out. I want to live. I want to be happily unhappy. I'm told that nothing but a fast food service career awaits me if I quit college. I know that. But all I really want out of my life in my naive state of mind is a place of my own. My two crappy jobs. And my dog named Pepe.

   I don't really need comforting. I don't need pity. I just need something to live for. I have my dreams. I have my aspirations. But it's a sad thing that they aren't enough to get me by.

   In my wildest of dreams I want to travel. I want to move from town to town and work till I can move somewhere else. In my wildest of dreams I want to have my two jobs. And when I'm finally off my second shift I'll ride my bike home (I don't really plan on owning a car). Plop down on the floor. And just boot up my laptop. Alone. But happy.

Alone. But Happy.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cats in Tanks

I stumbled upon this little gem right here. It's short. It's pointless. But it's hilarious. Haha.
I own two chichuahuas but that doesn't mean I'm not a cat person.
Killer and Demo can't drive tanks though... haha.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Doodle. Band. Car problems.

I'm not too good with backgrounds I realize. I gotta get on that. But what I DO like is detail. I enjoyed drawing all the nicks, scratches, dents, sword sheathe details. Here's another one of my doodles --> .

Anyways, one of my favorite bands is called Brand New.

^---And "Deja Entendu" happens to be my favorite album. Give them a listen. The song that got me hooked on these guys is called "Jaws Theme Swimming". But they renew their sound with every album and just keep getting better.

I had a big problem with my yesterday. I went to check the oil on my sweet ass Nissan Sentra 2000 and whaddaya know? THE FRIGGIN' DIPSTICK HANDLE JUST FALLS OFF! Who in their right minds makes a handle out of plastic right next to an engine that spits heat? Plastic and heat don't mix. So I'm stuck with a lil circle handle between my fingers and a plastic plug(which was beyond removing) in the check oil tube. I try to get it out but the thing is not budging. Next stop: car shop. I didn't wanna drive it in case the car somehow might get irreparable damage. So I had to hitch a ride with a buddy today. Drive's like a maniac.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Hobby of Mine

A hobby of mine that developed over the fascination of tattoos and henna came back up today. Months ago I used to draw on my friends hands with pens to make crude fake tattoos that sadly washed away very easily. I say sadly because I took pride in how they looked.

Anyways, here's a doodle of mine. It's pretty. But I am heavily biased. Does this even count as a doodle?

To hell with it. It's beautiful. I admit it.

Monday, May 16, 2011


What makes birds fly? Fish swim? Bees do bee things? No, the answer isn't inspiration.
But inspiration is quite possibly what makes human beings draw, create, explore.
I aspire to be a great artist one day. Well maybe artist is too strong of a label.
I aspire to be a great doodlist one day.
Here is a pair of people who never cease to inspire me. When I see them I think "dang, they are damn good at what they do. I hate them." But its not in the way most people hate. I hate that they make me realize wishing I was a better artist gets me nowhere and then I actually do something. So in the longrun I actually end up thanking them. But anyways.
If you want your breath taken away. Check out Supakitch and Koralie.
Simply aamazing.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I got one! Using Craigslist. It was easy.
I sold my Zune 80gb for 100 dollars. I made a friend in the process. Awesome.
Then I got another $100 to make $200 and then went off to buy my like new day old 32 gb ipod touch.
The thing is very fun! Dunno if I should say I jailbroke it... but I did.
Didn't take long for a dunce like me to figure out how to do so either!

Games I HEAVILY recommend? Zombieville USA, INFINITY BLADE(caps locked because of its raw awesome power), and I guess Doodle God. Not because DG is fun. But because you will spend the rest of your life figuring out the combinations to this mix and match game for the rest of your life.

The cameras on the itouch 4gen are crystal clear. Beautiful. I took lots of pictures at my work and a few of my lovely coworker who is to the right of this paragraph. The only problem is that I have a screen protector over the front camera so all those pictures I take form the front come out pretty murky. The picture to the right was taken using the back camera... Anyways, the front? Like seeing through dirty water...

(1,000 points to anyone who guesses my coworkers name)

Back to the itouch. I downloaded a few books onto it. Nothing really exciting there. The games are enough to keep me busy for a while, fun fun. the picture quality is great. I haven't tried the face time thingy because sadly I have noone to facetime without it being awkward.

itouchs are fun. Granted Apple's horrible planned obsolescence.

If anyone would be so kind as to recommend me some awesome bands. Do so in the comments!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why me?

I go to a community college. It's not the best experience. But it's probably one of the worst.

I have a kid next to me right now, For all I know he could be 22 but he acts like a kid (although he probably has a few screws missing so it's not really his fault), but he asks me, "can I sit here?" And this seat happens to be right next to me. I say "sure you can" AND THEN THE FLOODGATES WERE OPENED. He is suddenly all buddy buddy with me and I can't get him offa me. I mean he is asking me the most random questions, questions concerning:
-who is cuter? Miley Cyrus or Vanessa Hudgens?
-Do you like Christina Aguilera?
-HEY! Do you know this song? "IMA GENIE INA BOTTLE!"

I am too nice for my own damn good. I don't really support or encourage these actions of his because I barely know the kid and quite frankly I do not enjoy his company already. I kindly but abruptly keep my replies short and sweet.

And sadly it's going to be 2 more hours before my next class. 2 more hours of fun time with this guy.

God I hate it here.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Work work work

Just like the title says. I had a relatively short work day. from 6:00pm to 11.30pm and then got home at 12am. I was tired out of my mind after the day was over.

Mostly because I started a new workout regiment of my own. It's do what you can when you can. For example, you see them dumbells? Pick 'em up. Do as many reps or whatever as you can until you are to tired to lift it again. Done. That's it. Later on in the day? Do it again. Repeat at least 3 times. 4 if you are a real man. I also ran 3 miles on my treadmill (which probably explains my jello legs all day standing behind the cash register.)

Do people INTENTIONALLY  miss the toilet? Honestly, it's not that hard guys. Whip out, aim, fire, let that stream go. INTO THE BOWL. Don't give me that weak excuse about how having sex makes it go crooked. Liar. You haven't gotten any for a while. Take the time to aim. So that when I have to clean toilets I don't wonder what I'm doing with my life constantly.

I had a customer tonite who must have been partially deaf or too good to answer me also. If your only options are "Spoon or Lid"... Then speak up.

Otherwise, it's been a pretty good night. My shop was devoid of life around 10:15pm so for 45 minutes before close up and cleaning I got to watch American Dad. Funny stuff. There was a koala.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Austere is her name.

Just something I drew up a while ago.
Makin' them posts happen. :)

New To Blogging

I don't know what exactly it is I'm supposed to be doing here.
(^^^ Horribly cliched Blog sentence.^^^)
But I figure I'll make it interesting.
More to come.