Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why me?

I go to a community college. It's not the best experience. But it's probably one of the worst.

I have a kid next to me right now, For all I know he could be 22 but he acts like a kid (although he probably has a few screws missing so it's not really his fault), but he asks me, "can I sit here?" And this seat happens to be right next to me. I say "sure you can" AND THEN THE FLOODGATES WERE OPENED. He is suddenly all buddy buddy with me and I can't get him offa me. I mean he is asking me the most random questions, questions concerning:
-who is cuter? Miley Cyrus or Vanessa Hudgens?
-Do you like Christina Aguilera?
-HEY! Do you know this song? "IMA GENIE INA BOTTLE!"

I am too nice for my own damn good. I don't really support or encourage these actions of his because I barely know the kid and quite frankly I do not enjoy his company already. I kindly but abruptly keep my replies short and sweet.

And sadly it's going to be 2 more hours before my next class. 2 more hours of fun time with this guy.

God I hate it here.


Poszy said...

lol i would have told him to go buy some coffee

King Elysium said...

you made a new friend

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