Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Work work work

Just like the title says. I had a relatively short work day. from 6:00pm to 11.30pm and then got home at 12am. I was tired out of my mind after the day was over.

Mostly because I started a new workout regiment of my own. It's do what you can when you can. For example, you see them dumbells? Pick 'em up. Do as many reps or whatever as you can until you are to tired to lift it again. Done. That's it. Later on in the day? Do it again. Repeat at least 3 times. 4 if you are a real man. I also ran 3 miles on my treadmill (which probably explains my jello legs all day standing behind the cash register.)

Do people INTENTIONALLY  miss the toilet? Honestly, it's not that hard guys. Whip out, aim, fire, let that stream go. INTO THE BOWL. Don't give me that weak excuse about how having sex makes it go crooked. Liar. You haven't gotten any for a while. Take the time to aim. So that when I have to clean toilets I don't wonder what I'm doing with my life constantly.

I had a customer tonite who must have been partially deaf or too good to answer me also. If your only options are "Spoon or Lid"... Then speak up.

Otherwise, it's been a pretty good night. My shop was devoid of life around 10:15pm so for 45 minutes before close up and cleaning I got to watch American Dad. Funny stuff. There was a koala.


Poszy said...

about the whole workout plan. just balance yourself out you know. just a matter of getting it done when your lazy

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