Monday, May 16, 2011


What makes birds fly? Fish swim? Bees do bee things? No, the answer isn't inspiration.
But inspiration is quite possibly what makes human beings draw, create, explore.
I aspire to be a great artist one day. Well maybe artist is too strong of a label.
I aspire to be a great doodlist one day.
Here is a pair of people who never cease to inspire me. When I see them I think "dang, they are damn good at what they do. I hate them." But its not in the way most people hate. I hate that they make me realize wishing I was a better artist gets me nowhere and then I actually do something. So in the longrun I actually end up thanking them. But anyways.
If you want your breath taken away. Check out Supakitch and Koralie.
Simply aamazing.


Inhia said...

show me your doodles. following

Zerox8610 said...

I'm mostly inspired by music.

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