Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My sorry ass attempt at Creppes

Here I am, playing Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. I played the 2nd one. I loved it. Witty dialogue. Good gunfights. Great story. Good stuff. Anyways, amidst this first part of a soon to be 3 part series I says to meself,
"Hey Sal."
And I say, "What?"
"You know what would be fantastic?"
So I say, "F*** yeah brain. You're a genius!"
  And off I go to make creppes using a recipe from "Dragmire's Recipes"!

Don't get me wrong. What Dragmire makes and what I make are two things entirely different. And here's why. His stuff looks good enough to eat. My stuff looks good enough to give a mercy kill.

I started out fine. I had my eggs, I had my milk, I had my butter, I had my flo-- I didn't have any flour. What DID I have? MASECA MASA, instant corn maize flour. Yeah, mexican to the max.  So I think to myself, fine, I'll make myself creppes but they might be a bit tortilla-y. GOOD GAWD WAS I EVER NAIVE.
What I made wasn't anything I could have foreseen. Well I did foresee it. It was a crepptilla. Tortilla textured creppes that were not too delicious but could still pass off fine drowned in fruits and lotsa syrup.

"KILL ME PLEASE" says the crepptillas

Bottom line is. If you don't have all purpose flour. You ain't gettin' creppes. Your punk-ass is stayin' hungry.
That is of course you take the sissy way out and go get Jack in the Box.
But then again creppes probably aren't too nutritious.
Neither are jr. bacon cheeseburgers...
Bottom bottom line: I'm hungry.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Drawings at 1:38a.m.

Inspiration doesn't really have the best timing for me.
Would it kill Inspiration just to show up when I want it to? Like when in class or staring at a blank paper/canvas/screen?

JUST when I want to go to bed after long 6 hrs of standing up and moving, I feel the sudden URGE to draw. And I do. I whipped out my tablet
and doodled.

Her name is Niné. Like nine. But with an accent on the e to make it sound like nina. Ha. But its nine because that's how many colors I used. I think.

 Eh. I like my linework but I feel like something is missing. I still suck at backgrounds tho : / .

It's original size so don't click it. Or do... In my eternal dumbness I thought I was making a big picture but when it saved I derped.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just Great

So I cannot get the classes I had needed for the summer. Just a general Chemistry and any other thing would have been fine. But no. Every derp in the world needs to take Chem apparently. Sigh.

So I channel my thoughts into this picture in hopes that it will come true:

I haven't posted a lot recently but that's because of cramming and finals week. More to come soon?