Sunday, May 15, 2011


I got one! Using Craigslist. It was easy.
I sold my Zune 80gb for 100 dollars. I made a friend in the process. Awesome.
Then I got another $100 to make $200 and then went off to buy my like new day old 32 gb ipod touch.
The thing is very fun! Dunno if I should say I jailbroke it... but I did.
Didn't take long for a dunce like me to figure out how to do so either!

Games I HEAVILY recommend? Zombieville USA, INFINITY BLADE(caps locked because of its raw awesome power), and I guess Doodle God. Not because DG is fun. But because you will spend the rest of your life figuring out the combinations to this mix and match game for the rest of your life.

The cameras on the itouch 4gen are crystal clear. Beautiful. I took lots of pictures at my work and a few of my lovely coworker who is to the right of this paragraph. The only problem is that I have a screen protector over the front camera so all those pictures I take form the front come out pretty murky. The picture to the right was taken using the back camera... Anyways, the front? Like seeing through dirty water...

(1,000 points to anyone who guesses my coworkers name)

Back to the itouch. I downloaded a few books onto it. Nothing really exciting there. The games are enough to keep me busy for a while, fun fun. the picture quality is great. I haven't tried the face time thingy because sadly I have noone to facetime without it being awkward.

itouchs are fun. Granted Apple's horrible planned obsolescence.

If anyone would be so kind as to recommend me some awesome bands. Do so in the comments!


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