Monday, May 23, 2011

L.A. Noire

It came in the mail today!

I had ordered L.A. Noire off of and I gotta admit it's the first game I have bought for my Playstation 3. So I am genuinely excited to play the game LAN after having a long day at school what with working on a school project and having a Calculus exam done. Playing LAN has been on the back of my mind since I saw it on my doorstep this morning.

My only iffy subject is that it was developed by Rockstar and I always figured them for a one trick pony seeing as how they were stuck in the GTA niche. But that isn't fair of me. I didn't give Red Dead Redemption a chance. I have been meaning to play it since I love cowboy stories. But what's cooler than cowboys?

I have seen the trailers for LAN and I gotta say they look good. I am all about the cinematic experience and L.A. Noire seems to want to deliver just that. I saw the acting of the characters and found out that they do those little dot things for 3-D recording and that got me real excited. As soon as I saw one little shoot of I DIDN'T DO IT and saw the man's face contort into an ugly look of guilt and shame I was sold.
To give you an example of how cinematic I like it. I'm the kind of guy who will make my character walk when I can run just because in that situation, that's what the guy would do. He would walk after an intense gun fight when finally given a moment of peace. Stuff like that.

Although, when it comes to games I'm a cheapass gamer. I say that with pride but it's a habit I must break. And relinquishing this title if CAG for a $60 game like L.A. Noire is something I am more than glad to do.

So here I go into Los Angeles to do detective stuff. With big expectations and tints of excitedness.


One change to this post: I downloaded a suit for registering with social club of this game. I find it funny that this downloaded suit will give me better accuracy with BAR gun and shotguns. Funny.
If I need a steady hand I better wear a different tie.


Anonymous said...

I recieved my copy yesterday. Haven't managed to find the time to get stuck into it unfortunately.

Billy Mays Maize Maze said...

I need to pick this up soon!

Thorfan said...

Congrats. I still don't have mine yet :(

Anonymous said...

I really need to get a copy! Hope you're having fun with it!

SeanExact said...

my copy is in the mail :))))

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