Monday, July 11, 2011

Back after a long break!

I'm back.

It's been a LOOOOOOONNNNGG time.

I haven't done much. I've just been working. I couldn't get the class I wanted this summer so my summer is dedicated to being stranded at home and just going to work. I now realize what a blessing school is. It kept me away from home and all the people who are here to bug me. Haha.

I left for a while because Google said "we ain't paying you no mo' ". And I was a bit unhappy about that. So like a kid I quit. But then I remembered the real reason I made this blog. So that I could share my thoughts and pictures to the world (although my fanbase is REALLY tiny).

So adsense be damned. Being paid to spill my brains onto the web would have been nice. But even if I don't get paid it's a pretty nice thing to do.

If any of you care, I might not be posting too often. But if I do it will be things of importance and my artwork. Not just to get clicks and views. :) . Although I think I've been doing that already.

I finally finished a lil sumthin' a few minutes ago.
So I thought I'd share.

[50 points on who can guess my and my friends ethnicity haha]

It's from the game "League of Legends". It is really fun and I don't ever tire of playing it. It's a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena type of game.
5 players on each team. Each player is something like a Mage, or Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Carrier, etc. They all have special roles and not only that. Each character (like 50 and counting) has a unique "Ultimate" move that sets them apart from the rest. And it's how you use your Ultimate(and on a lesser note your other 3 skills) that decides which team is the victor of the game. Ultimately, it's destroy their base before they destroy yours.

It's a really fun game but it takes a while to learn the basics and such.
Try it out!


Byakuya said...

Hell yeah, love league of legends, I has a blog about it =3

Welcome back, sad to hear adsense are being stupid heads.

Lizardmannnn said...

eyyyy u back yet lol please check out my channel also

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