Friday, June 3, 2011

Drawings at 1:38a.m.

Inspiration doesn't really have the best timing for me.
Would it kill Inspiration just to show up when I want it to? Like when in class or staring at a blank paper/canvas/screen?

JUST when I want to go to bed after long 6 hrs of standing up and moving, I feel the sudden URGE to draw. And I do. I whipped out my tablet
and doodled.

Her name is Niné. Like nine. But with an accent on the e to make it sound like nina. Ha. But its nine because that's how many colors I used. I think.

 Eh. I like my linework but I feel like something is missing. I still suck at backgrounds tho : / .

It's original size so don't click it. Or do... In my eternal dumbness I thought I was making a big picture but when it saved I derped.



Dejch said...

Inspiration is something we need and we have to w8 for the right time to get it!

nice drawing btw!

Mercurio said...

I think I've seen that pose before, not sure, but it's a great work and I liked the naming style.

Mush said...

cool hair

Thorfan said...

Beautiful. How long did it take to color it?

Kicking Rocks said...

That is a beautiful drawing!

following and supporting!

mediocreatleast said...

Keep it coming man, will be lookin forward to your blog much. :)

Colonel Colon said...

Keep it up! Love what you've done!

Anonymous said...

I think you are better than most mmmm

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